7 Proven Strategies For Improving Your Alexa Ranking

After spending ii years edifice my ain website, I was really disappointed that my Alexa ranking was nevertheless higher than i million. Alexa ranks each website based on the unwrap of visitors it receives. The elevation ranked website, Yahoo! has an Alexa rating of 1 or 2. Less pop sites could last ranked upwards to 5,000,000.

In gild to better my Alexa rating, I spent most 3 weeks combing the spider web to uncovering tips, secrets, in addition to proven strategies for increasing my Alexa ranking. Unfortunately, many of the sites offering advice didn't fifty-fifty conduct maintain a high ranking themselves. Finally I discovered a unwrap of sites ranked inside the elevation 100,000 that were all applying the same Alexa techniques to better their ranking. I’ve begun implementing a unwrap of these techniques in addition to conduct maintain improved my Alexa ranking yesteryear 250,000 spots inwards precisely i week.

Here's what yous demand to know. The Blue Planet for many of these techniques is the fact that your Alexa ranking is based accomplish in addition to page views. However it exclusively counts those who see your site in addition to conduct maintain already downloaded the Alexa toolbar. Anyone tin download the toolbar for complimentary which is automatically added to your browser in addition to tracks the sites you're visiting. Increasing visits from those who produce non conduct maintain the Alexa toolbar installed volition non manage your Alexa ranking.

I've summarized the seven strategies that I've discovered in addition to applied to my ain website to growth my Alexa ranking. Apply these strategies to your ain website in addition to run into your ranking climb towards the top.

1. Download the Alexa toolbar in addition to usage it every 24-hour interval to see your ain website. Alexa fifty-fifty gives yous the might to co-brand the toolbar amongst your ain logo in addition to plough over it away. You tin download the toolbar here: http://pages.alexa.com/prod_serv/associatetoolbar.html

2. Use Alexa redirection whenever yous can. No thing when or where yous render a link to your website, last certain to usage the equivalent Alexa redirect URL. For example, when providing a link to my website, I usage http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?marketingscoop.com.
If yous re-create this URL into your browser, it volition accept yous to MarketingScoop.com. To usage this technique, precisely supplant the scream of my website (marketingscoop) amongst yours.

3. Encourage your website visitors to add together their positive testimonials on Alexa's detailed listings page for your website. This tin last done yesteryear placing a link to the appropriate Alexa page on your website in addition to quest visitors to "Click hither to charge per unit of measurement this website". You tin uncovering your detailed Alexa page here: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=marketingscoop.com. Again, precisely supplant the scream of my website (marketingscoop) amongst yours. By clicking on the URL, visitors volition last able to accomplish your detailed rating page in addition to write a review using the review link located on the left paw side of the page.

4. Write your ain site reviews on the elevation 100 rated Alexa sites in addition to include your redirect URL. The elevation 500 domains, according to Alexa tin last flora at http://www.alexa.com/site/ds/top_500 When yous write a review, last certain to usage the redirection URL nosotros discussed inwards unwrap 2 higher upwards specifically for your website (http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?marketingscoop.com).

5. Download the Alexa ranking button, traffic history graph, information links, in addition to other traffic counters onto the page of your website that receives the most traffic. For example, at the bottom of my habitation page (http://www.marketingscoop.com), I've added the Alexa ranking box. You tin produce the same for your ain site yesteryear visiting Alexa Signup. You'll notice that I haven't added the traffic history graph. This is because it wouldn't await appropriate on my habitation page in addition to because Alexa is exclusively providing detailed history on the elevation 100,000 sites. So if you're non inwards the elevation 100,000, site stats would non last available.

6. Take an cheap promotion out on the ExactSeek search directory for exclusively a few dollars per calendar month at ExactSeek.com. Search engine results are straight correlated amongst Alexa rankings. You'll notice that if a website is highly ranked on ExactSeek, chances are that it volition last highly ranked on Alexa.

7. Get listed on every bit many search engines every bit possible yesteryear placing a complimentary listing inwards DMOZ. This is the largest human edited directory on the spider web in addition to is co-branded amid hundreds of thousands of sites. Be patient though, it oft takes upwards to five months earlier yous run into your website listed subsequently submission. Even though it takes longer than it should, yous conduct maintain niggling nation inwards the thing because it's in addition to then widely used across the Internet.

These elementary Alexa strategies are slow to implement in addition to volition construct a huge departure inwards your Alexa ranking. Ultimately yous desire visitors to produce to a greater extent than than see your habitation page, yous desire them to interact amongst your site. Be certain to optimize your habitation page for SEO purposes, repose of use, in addition to interaction. Creating a positive user sense volition teach visitors to render in i trial to a greater extent than in addition to again.

*Michael Fleischner is a marketing proficient in addition to the president of MarketingScoop.com. Visit today for complimentary marketing information in addition to marketing spider web log directory. Michael has to a greater extent than than 12 years of marketing sense in addition to had appeared on The TODAY Show, Bloomberg Radio, in addition to other major media. Visit his marketing blog for farther details.

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