Google Webmaster Tools

Google's suite of webmaster tools provides you lot alongside a costless together with slowly trend to brand your site to a greater extent than Google-friendly. They tin strength out present you lot Google's sentiment of your site, aid you lot diagnose problems, together with permit you lot portion information alongside us to aid ameliorate your site's visibility.

Improve the functionality of your site, together with your noesis every bit a webmaster alongside these must accept Google Tools!

Getting Google's sentiment of your site, together with diagnosing potential problems

The root pace to increasing your site's visibility on Google is learning how our robots crawl together with index your site.

  • Crawl info: You tin strength out brand certain nosotros accept access to your site, together with run across when Googlebot final visited. You tin strength out also sentiment URLs that we've had problem crawling together with why nosotros couldn't crawl them. This way, you lot tin strength out cook whatsoever problems preventing us from indexing all of your pages.

  • Robots.txt file validation: See if we're having problem alongside your file, together with examination out changes to that file earlier you lot modify it on your server.

  • Website content: View peak content from your site together with run across the words that other sites usage to link to it.

Seeing how your site performs

H5N1 2d pace is learning what drives traffic to your site.

  • Top queries: Find the peak queries that create traffic to your site together with where your site is included inwards the peak search results. This volition permit you lot acquire how users are finding your site.

  • Indexing information: See how your site is indexed together with which of your pages are included inwards the index. If nosotros discovery violations inwards your site, we'll plough over you lot the chance to cook the problems together with asking reinclusion of your site.

Sharing information alongside Google nearly your site

Since no 1 knows to a greater extent than nearly your site than you lot do, you lot tin strength out also portion this information alongside Google together with ameliorate your crawlability.

  • Submit a Sitemap file: Tell us all nearly your pages past times submitting a Sitemap file; aid us acquire which pages are most of import to you lot together with how oftentimes those pages change.

  • Specify your preferred domain: Tell us which URL to usage when indexing your site; we’ll create our best to index the version you lot prefer.

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