How To Skyrocket Your Website To The Peak Of Google Alongside Properly Planned Offpage Optimization!

From Brad Callen

I don't know almost you, but I larn extremely excited when I come across my novel websites at the exceed of Google for the real showtime time. Making large changes inward ranking is primarily done yesteryear what is called offpage optimization.

Earlier I mentioned at that spot were two types of search engine optimization.

  • Onpage Optimization
  • Offpage Optimization
We've gone over the onpage optimization, hence let's motion on to the offpage optimization which is what actually makes a divergence inward your site's ranking.

Important: Properly planned offpage optimization volition brand the divergence betwixt your website ranking #900 on Google, to ranking #1.

So, what is offpage optimization anyway? Offpage optimization basically consists of all of the offpage ranking factors like:

  • Which websites link to you
  • The position out of websites linking to you
  • The Google page rank of the website linking to you
  • The page championship of the website linking to you
  • The anchor text used inward the link linking to you
  • The position out in addition to type of links linking to the website that's linking to you.
  • The position out of outbound links on the website that is linking to you
  • The full position out of links on the website that is linking to you
  • Whether or non the websites linking to y'all are deemed yesteryear Google every bit an potency website.
  • Plus another things that we'll larn to later...

In social club to optimize our master website for the keyword "weight loss stories", nosotros take away to analyze the linking strategy of the exceed 10 ranked websites for our keyword.

Copy The Top Ranked Websites To Get Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 #1 Position

The destination hither volition travel to re-create precisely what they're doing, in addition to hence practice things slightly better. We desire to compass Google precisely what they want, yesteryear making our linking strategy every bit about the exceed ranked websites every bit possible, but every bit I said, slightly improve to border them out. The keyword we'll role inward this instance volition travel a highly pop term. We'll role "diet pills" hence I tin present y'all only how powerful offpage optimization is, in addition to what form of rankings it tin larn you, if y'all practice it correctly.

First, nosotros take away to open upward a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. You should create the next columns

  • Linking Website
  • Anchor Text used
  • Page Rank
  • Link Popularity
  • Page Title
  • Number of Outbound Links

Next, nosotros take away to catch Google in addition to come inward the keyword "diet pills". We'll hence catch the exceed 10 websites for this keyword in addition to collect the data above. You should create 1 spreadsheet for each of the exceed 10 websites.


Linking Website is the specific website linking to, which is the #1 ranked website inward Google for the term "diet pills". In social club to notice all of the websites that link to y'all tin practice a distich of things. The most mutual agency is to larn to Google in addition to come inward this search command:

Once y'all practice this Google volition supply a large listing of websites that link to

Over the yesteryear several months, Google has cutting downward on the position out of backlinks that it volition present you, hence y'all may travel improve off going to Yahoo in addition to entering link: to larn a larger listing of websites that link to them. Note that for Yahoo y'all must include "http://".

Anchor Text is the actual text used inside the link linking to the specified website. For example, the anchor text inward the next link would travel "diet pills".

diet pills website

Page Rank is the actual Google Page Rank of the webpage linking to In social club to come across the Google Page Rank, you'll take away to download in addition to install the Google Toolbar for gratis from:

Link Popularity is only the position out of links that are pointing to each of the webpages pointing to You tin notice their Google link popularity yesteryear entering this search ascendency into Google: hence counting the full position out of results that are shown OR y'all could larn to a website similar to notice each link partners link popularity much quicker.

Page Title is the championship of the page that is linking to Does it incorporate the keyword "weight loss stories", "weight loss" or "weight"? If so, y'all should banker's complaint which links pages those are. You'll desire to approach those websites in addition to endeavour to larn them to link to your website.

Note: Getting links from webpages that incorporate your principal keyword inward the page championship is extremely powerful in addition to is something many people overlook.

Number of Outbound Links is the position out of links located on the webpage linking to The less links located on the page, the to a greater extent than a link from them would growth your ranking.

Once we've collected all of the information, nosotros forthwith tin come across's linking strategy.

We'll take away to calculate the percent of websites that incorporate the keywords "diet pills", "diet", or "pills" inward the page title.

We'll take away to calculate the percent of websites that incorporate the keywords "diet pills", "diet", or "pills" inward the actual anchor text linking to

We'll hence take away to mirror these numbers, every bit unopen every bit nosotros can, for our linking strategy. This may accept awhile to do, but i time you've done this...

You'll Have The Exact Blueprint You Can Give Google
For Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 #1 Ranking!

Once the pattern for our linking strategy is complete, nosotros take away to contact each of these websites individually in addition to enquire them if they volition add together our link to their website inward telephone commutation for us adding their link to ours.

Adapted from Brad Callen's "How to Skyrocket Your Website To the Top of Google.."

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