Integrated Marketing Delivers Results

By Michael Fleischner | Marketing Expert, Internet Marketing Secrets*

If you're looking to maximize the render on your marketing spend, than yous demand to prepare an integrated marketing campaign. An integrated marketing drive uses to a greater extent than than i medium to communicate a message to your audience. Integrated marketing tin give the axe besides hateful a marketing drive that leverages the ability of dissimilar media types to motion a suspect through the procedure of becoming a customer.

The most successful marketing campaigns get down amongst the media type that special prospects piece of employment regularly. For example, generation Y is real engaged amongst right away mail. Studies stimulate got shown that individuals who autumn inside this consumer segment pass a lot of fourth dimension opening too reading their mail. That existence the case, yous desire to brand certain that your starting fourth dimension contact amongst generation Y prospects is aligned amongst their messaging preference of right away marketing.

Once you've decided where to start, yous demand to mean value close other media regularly used yesteryear your target segment. Following the illustration above, let's assume that the same individuals who read their postal service besides depository fiscal establishment fit e-mail regularly. With at to the lowest degree 2 marketing mediums identified, you're create to get down planning your side yesteryear side integrated marketing campaign.

Begin amongst the goal inward mind. If yous are looking to sell a product, yous demand to mean value close the audience, message, offer, too timing of your campaign. Having identified the proper marketing vehicles/media you'll live on using, prepare marketing pieces inward a consistent manner. You desire the look, feel, too musical note of your communications to live on related across all media types if non identical. Most importantly, communicate your unique selling suggestion throughout all marketing affect points.

To reach off amongst the illustration above, let's assume that we're going to live on selling widgets to a sub-segment of our generation Y audience. We volition get down amongst a right away postal service slice describing the needs of our audience too how our widgets are the alone ones that come upwards amongst a money-back guarantee. Recipients of the slice are asked to see a special spider web page that provides a production demo. The same message is sent via e-mail to the same audience- ensuring maximum exposure.

When visitors log on to our specialty spider web page, they instruct inward a code to access the demo. At the conclusion of the demo, browsers are offered a discount if they house an fellowship online too an research form. Prospects wishing to delay their buy tin give the axe asking additional data through the research cast provided.

For individuals who entered their code to access the demo exactly did non purchase, an e-mail is generated amongst an fifty-fifty to a greater extent than aggressive offering - attempting to convert them. This tin give the axe live on accomplished through unique tracking URLs or codes that prospects demand to live on instruct inward prior to viewing a demo. This is real like to those marketing campaigns that stimulate got wages of abandoned shopping carts! For those individuals requesting to a greater extent than information, a telesales representative would contact them, over again stressing our primal message points such every bit the coin dorsum guarantee.

This integrated drive utilizes mail, email, a webpage, too phone. However, like campaigns could piece of employment whatsoever additional media types that are appropriate (advertising, world relations, outdoor, etc.). The primal is to create an integrated marketing drive amongst a consistent message. Once you've completed your campaign, its fourth dimension to quantify results too determine what generated your greatest response. Did your right away marketing slice generate visits to your webpage? Did those users convert? How close your email? This data volition live on helpful when doing like marketing campaigns inward the future, providing guidance to fine melody the media used, the messaging, and/or your offer.

It is over again of import to stress that integrated marketing should live on driven yesteryear the communication preferences of your audience. Develop a deeper agreement of how your audience makes decisions too the types of media they piece of employment to assemble too analyze production information. Then live on certain to seat these media types at the meat of your integrated marketing campaign. Never forget, "The Media Is the message."

* Michael Fleischner is a marketing expert too the president of, the Internet’s biggest origin of marketing data too costless marketing resources. He has to a greater extent than than 12 years of marketing experience too has appeared on The TODAY Show, Bloomberg Radio, too other major media. Visit for farther details, Internet marketing secrets, Marketing Blog Directory and to a greater extent than FREE reprint articles.

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